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Climate change is a big challenge for all of us. The statistics alone of what we all need to achieve together in the next decade or so are staggering. It is easy to see them as daunting. We don't think we should though. At Energise, we believe that the solutions exist to meet the Climate Challenge and that the key thing is to make it easier for everyone to act.

From our experience of the last decade+ of supporting businesses through this challenge, time and time again, our view is that it is often too complex (or time consuming) for anyone who doesn't have ample resource (i.e. lots of people). We thought it was about time we created a solution to that, so that is why we have created the Net Zero Club.

2019 is the year that the world seems to have shifted into a mindset of realising the importance of achieving Net Zero. Various events around the world have focused the mind and we thought it was a good time to make Climate Change easier for business.

The Net Zero Club is about making this as easy as possible for businesses that are less than 250 employees in the UK. In time, we will expand to other countries, but the UK is our home, so that is where we are going to start.

The idea is that as part of your membership, you obtain access to a whole series of membership resources (Forum, Ask an Expert, Guides, Templates) but as part of every membership we provide annual carbon footprinting and carbon offset at a fixed cost per tonne. We've worked away in the background to be able to provide this simple structure and we hope it makes it all much easier for you.

We believe that somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world, and this offer is about each of us being able to do our bit day to day, and to have confidence that our business is no longer adding to the Climate Change Challenge. If you'd like to be part of the Net Zero Club, please sign up at

As we go on the journey, we'd welcome any feedback or any suggestions of what you might like to see added to the membership levels. Please email us at with anything you'd like to say.


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